Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Class Feedback

Chinese Calligraphy classes become more popular these years in Scotland. Chi Zhang had delivered classes to different groups of students who interested in Chinese Calligraphy & Brush Painting, beginner level or advanced. All of the students enjoyed the learning experience. Listen to what the students are saying about the class,

"The best part of this class is the teacher."

"That's great class, we had experienced the traditional Chinese culture."

"I learned how to write my name in Chinese using a Chinese brush. It is fantastic!"

Group Photo Spring 2008 Term Calligraphy Class


  1. Chi, I had a great time on Monday.
    Although learning to hold the brush was tricky, but not hard! It was fab funand very relaxing. Lots to learn :)

    I'd like to buy one of the large brushes soon= once i learn what to do!- as ultimately I'd like to do large posters with calligraphy and later how to use the brushes for art. No hurry just intrigued by it all :)


  2. Thanks for your reply! I am pleased you are enjoy the experience. In our class plan we will learn use large brush to do couple of characters, let's wait and see!


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